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Jade, Gems & Jewelry production is one of the major supporting economic activity to Golden Legend Group. Top quality jades are coming out from YADANAR YAUNG CHI, SHWE EAIN SI and YADANAR CHANCELLOR.Chairman of Golden Legend Group, Mr Aik Sight has been engaged in Jade mining for over 30 years of history since 1984, in rich yield emerald mountain called “KhannDii”.At the same time, all the mining processes are made by hand labor until 1994, Mr Aik Sight cumulated his financial capacity to invest and bought KOMATSU DUMP TRUCKS and EXCAVATORS. In consequences of the foreign advanced mining machine, the process enhanced efficiency.

By investing a huge amount of capital in machinery, Mr Aik Sight’s mining businesses spread over and become bigger, and finally expand his business to new mining plot called “Phar Kant”. Phar Kant is a world-renowned production of the jade stone, and Mr Aik Sight marked Hpakant area as the main point for jade mining. As seeing a prospect potential in this, Mr Aik Sight set up “SHWE EAIN SI” & “YADANAR YAUNG CHI” as jade mining companies with other shareholders in 2006 & 2008respectively. In recent year 2014, Golden Legend Group independently founded YADANAR CHANCELLOR” jade mining company, and the YADANAR CHANCELLOR dramatically developed as a huge jade mining company in just two years time.

From KhannDii to Phar Kant, from the beginning of 10 employess to now over 5000 employees, from using the hand labor to the advanced machinery equipment, Mr Aik Sight’s companies achieved reputation in jade mining industry and became one of the largest and highest productivity in Phar Kant.Myanmar has rich in natural resources and produces 95% of world Jade stone. The government organizes jade auction market yearly in Naypyitaw and this event attracts global attention. Jade auction market attracts those people doing jade business all over the world, which then stimulate the local economy. Moreover, this is the world’s largest jade trading and becomes the global jade benchmark.

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