Aim to finish all plantain areas within 10 years

Not only conserve and reforestation, but also contribute and boost up local economic and working opportunities

Granted plantation land usage for 20600 acres in the middle part of Myanmar from the Conservation and Forestry department, Naypyitaw

Founded in 2011

The plantation takes place in the middle part of Myanmar, Sagaing Region

Aim to obtain raw materials, final products

Famous Excellence 

Founded in 2013, Famous Excellence was approved by the Forest Service of the Federal Republic of Myanmar in 2013 to allocate 22,000 acres of land for plantation. In 2019, 6,000 acres of alder forest have been completed. It is expected that all 22,000 acres of afforestation plans will be completed by 2025. The company is committed to the concept of green sustainable development and adheres to renewable resources to promote economic development.