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The awaken Myanmar is ready for development to full capacity with new changes. Along with the changes, our Golden Legend Group is striving for the best. The Golden Legend Group was established in 2013 and is a Myanmar-Chinese company.


In 1984, the founder of Golden Legend Group took the first step of development based on mining. After more than 30 years of hard-working, the group now is one of the tops in Myanmar's mining industry and highly recognized and evaluated by the government and international counterparts. With the dramatic political reform in 2010, a new generation of entrepreneurs who studied overseas have returned, the new board of directors of Golden Legend Group is reformed.


At present, the company and various businesses of Golden Legend Group are involved in various industries and fields. Such as Mining, Manufacturing, Plantation, Real estate, Construction, F&B and Education, Gold and Jewelry.




Lucy Yadana Gold & Jewellery


Royal Sublime for F&B and Education


Golden Environmental Construction & Development


Famous Excellent for logging and plantation


Chan Yin Industrial for Building material


Arrow mark Trading


Started participating in Myanmar Gem Emporium


Yadanar Yaung Chi Mining Co.,Ltd


Gems and Jewellery Trading

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