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An organization runs by a tight knitted family, with each member of the family focusing on a different diverse industry that the organization engages in. Armed with a strong background education by world-recognized degrees and professional certificate, each member has been equipped with the capabilities and experience to propel our sectors into success.

The Jade industry in Myanmar is believed to be the origin for 70% of the world’s supply of high quality Jade. Despite our success, we believe that the future of the company lies in innovation and diversification and therefore have diversified into different sectors yet retain the traditional strong familial way of managing our organization.

Sein Kyaw(SK), Managing Director

Graduated from Griffith University with Bachelor of Commerce in 2009 and EMBA from Fu Dan University Shanghai, SK joined the family business in 2010, adding remarkable value and passion to the team. His business philosophy is to the first mover and risk taker in the market and to aggressively venture into diversified business sectors. He is a man of fast decision making and high efficiency.

SK, seeing the opportunity of the real estate market, cofounded the Chan Yin in 2011, a prominent construction material supplier in Yangon. Soon after 2 years, he expanded his business scope to one upper value chain by setting up one of the biggest steel structure company called Da Chin, now known as Yi Jing, a JV company with renowned Chinese contractor of Myanmar two biggest national stadiums. With know-how and experience in developing one of the biggest holiday resort in Teng Chong China in early of his entrepreneurship, SK in 2014 decided to venter into real estate developer to capture the golden age of real estate market in Myanmar. So far the 16-acre project had already completed first phase and now 2nd phase is under construction.

Wayne Kolat (Wayne), Director

He has studied in Technology University Hmawbi in Yangon and gained the Advance Diploma in Electronic Engineering. He then graduated from University of Greenwich UK with Honors in Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Later, He joined University College London for his master degree.


Since to political reform of Myanmar in 2011, Wayne returned to Myanmar to find new business opportunity. Wayne along with SK and Alice founded Chan Yin industries under the Golden Legend Group, which was to supply material to Myanmar’s construction market that was booming by the time. His achievements in Chan Yin industries include 5 years tax free investment approval from Myanmar Investment Committee and transform organization to implement ISO 9001:2012 quality management system which boost overall turnover and trust of clients.


In 2014, He started to involve as a project director for property development in Yangon by collecting and preparing resources and ensuring approach, timing and impact all aligned in properly and simultaneously in order to start project and progress on time and in budget. He is currently talking care of Property Management and running completed phase I and II of the project as an executive director.

Ko Ko Latt, Director

Mr.  Ko Ko Latt is a great risk taker and critical thinker. Since graduated from Singapore, he has been extensively working in Jade mining industry. At the early stage of his carrier, he used to follow his father’s footsteps and fundamentally involved in developing Jade mining business. In 2012, he started to exploit jade mining field in PhaKant, Kachin state. His determination to work hard and take risks leaded to achieve great result in Myanmar GEM emporium, Nay Pyi Daw.


He successfully established Yadanar Adipadi in 2014. After years of hardworking and under his leadership, Yadanar Adipadi has growth rapidly and become one of the top 10 mining companies in Myanmar, using advance technology and heavy machinery.

Kyaw Khing, Director

Mr. Kyaw Khing graduated from one of the Top 3 ranking universities in China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with a Bachelor Degree in International Trading and Economics. He was educated in Singapore for his primary to tertiary education. It is during his stay in Singapore that he fell in love with the taste of Singapore’s Chinese Cuisine.


He is currently in charge of managing Famous Excellent and Royal Sublime companies. Famous Excellent is in plantation of Eucalyptus, the company owns 22000 acres of land for plantation usage, governed by the Ministry of Conservation and Forestry department of Myanmar. His achievement of managing and developing 2700 acres of Eucalyptus plantation has gained favorable reputation with the Government of Myanmar. Royal sublime is mainly in F&B and education sector. As he is a Chinese Cuisine lover and passionate about F&B, he took his first step by taking franchise from Singapore based Paradise Dynasty Chinese restaurant. Under his leadership, he successfully opens the first Paradise Dynasty outlet in 2017 and second outlet in 2019 respectively.


His experience in breaking into new markets and established relationships with the government and media would prove invaluable to future company growth.